Omnia Technologies's MegaGlow LED bulb products replace HPS at lower wattages

March 18, 2016
In support of today’s current lighting requirements and the exponential growth in energy costs Omnia Technologies Inc is engineering the future of green products. Our MegaglowLED LED bulb series hosts many aspects that set them ahead of the competition. We support all of your community’s needs including city/street, stadium/arena, office/warehouse lighting; providing a dynamic suite of offerings for any application!
- Negate the need for costly upgrades and rebranding of your community
- Reduce labour for the lifetime of the new hardware
- Prolong life of existing infrastructure
- Reduce disposal costs
- Huge reduction in energy consumption
- Additional government rebates (

- No added costs in recycling
- No waste from existing fixtures
- Extended life 50,000 hours degradation

- Universal fit into standard fixtures (1 series of LED bulb fits all applications)
- Universal power application (110VAC to 347VAC)
- No moving parts all solid state (Sealed transformer and cooling design)
- Next generation of diode (more visible light lumens per watt)
• Light temperature built to suit
- Indoor/outdoor application operating between -40 and +65 (Celsius)
- Safety
• Lower operating voltage and amperage requirement
• Low heat dissipation
• LED light provides better clarity and improves visibility
- Integrated smart protection
• heat protection
• contamination protection


Hans Skaade - Omnia Technologies

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