2C Technology's LED floodlight reaches 190 lm/W

March 10, 2016
(Lafayette, La.) 2C Technology a US based engineering and technology company that designs and manufacturers LED lighting solutions, recently announced the introduction of their revolutionary Variable High Power LED Floodlight that operates at over 190 lumens per watt. Armed with the knowledge and expertise to provide economical solutions for virtually any lighting problem, the company recognized and addressed the need for a more efficient high powered flood light. This new (patent pending) floodlight is unique and available at a price point that provides immediate savings for customers. The light exceeds operational specifications of any floodlight fixture currently on the market. It is “future-proof™”, meaning a proprietary design that allows technological upgrades, maintenance and minor adjustments to be made without having to replace the entire fixture.

President and CEO, Robert Owens says, “Through long term assessment, research and development we are continually looking at ways to expand our product line so customers get more than they expect. Since the company was founded we’ve been experimenting and developing state-of-the-art lighting that uses lower wattage to produce brighter light. Engineered and improved for the last 10 years, 2C Technology products are designed, manufactured and tailored for all US applications and have a less than 1% failure rate.”

Value added design and engineering services are complemented by integrated manufacturing solutions that are unique to the industry and have positioned the company as a respected authority on replacement lighting for business and industry.

Owens added, “Because it operates at 79% of the LED Diode’s potential, this new light runs cooler and therefore provides a longer lifespan with the most efficient power consumption on the market.”

Highest lumens per watt on the market >190 Lumens per watt
Lowest cost per kilowatt
Cost is less and/or competitive with other LED floodlights on the market
LED bars and interchangeable optics can be adjusted in the field to allow client customization of coverage area 5-120 Degrees

The modular design with adjustable housing is a “future-proof™” proprietary design offering easy access. This unique proprietary design sets it apart from other fixtures and provides long term savings with virtually no maintenance costs.

The fixtures have adjustable LED Bars that allow variable illumination coverage and feature premium optics that are 2 to 5 times brighter than conventional LEDs. This revolutionary fixture fulfills over 90% of all commercial hi-brightness requirements and is the first LED fixture with interior space to house remote control electronics.

Fixtures are available in 40w, 80w, 120w, 160w, 200w and 240w configurations. Visit our booth #7206 during LIGHTFAIR, April 26th – 28th at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California to view this new light.


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