My Lumens LUNAR LED panel delivers indirect illumination with 150-lm/W efficacy

March 10, 2016
My Lumens released a innovative product, LUNAR LED panel, with patented indirect LED lighting technology. The LED light will not output directly, and is reflected by high diffuse reflect rate (up to 99% reflect rate base on 550nm@Biso4) material many times inside the fixtures, so it is easy to solve the glare problem but without loss of efficiency. 150lm/w efficiency should be a top class level for panel lighting in LED market.

The LED chip beam angle is 120degree, so even it pass the diffuser PC cover, the glare bomb issue still can be a big problem in general lighting.These days more and more customers care about light quality and would like to solve this glare issue. We believe that LUNAR LED panel is a good solution for this kind of application when customers need high quality light and don't want to lose the efficiency.

The spec for LUNAR: 150lm/w 30W 4500lm / 33W 4800lm /23W 3500lm at 4000K CCT Ra80, flicker free.

High quality Tridonic driver is used and Dali/0-10V/PWM Dimming, Daylight sensor or Emergency sensors are options for this product. Warranty for LUNAR LED panel is 5 years based on high quality driver and components.

Very Low weight at 1.06kg only for600x600mm without including the external driver.

By the low glare and high efficiency performance, LUNAR LED panel is suitable for high-end office lighting, conference room, school, hospital, and anywhere else where a high concentration of lighting is desired.

LUNAR was tested at TUV SUD lab, and IES or LM79 report can be offered if interested!

LUNAR will be shown at Light+Building Hall 10.2 E20B; anybody can visit and learn more details at that time!

What's indirect LED lighting:
Indirect LED lighting solutions help reduce the perception of glare, using diffusing reflective surface inside the light and a special polycarbonate cover.The light from the LEDS is diffused through multiple reflectors. With this approach 180lm/w lights can be produced with a very little glare and also give the appearance of a smooth even lighting fixture.

About My Lumens:
My Lumens is a Japanese-Chinese joint venture company, the leading & innovative indoor LED lighting solutions provider for healthy and high efficiency LED lighting. Applications mainly focus on school lighting, hospital lighting, high-end office lighting market with Japanese leading technology.

The main products for My Lumens are high efficiency T8 LED tubes, linear light, and indirect panel light, base light, downlight, PL-L/FPLl amp, troffer. Now are widely used at Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, TBS, Kubota, Mitsubishi, Honda, ASE Taiwan, CLP HK etc., famous companies all over the world.


Boking Pang, Director - My Lumens Tech Ltd.