GreenLux LED batten light replaces dual fluorescent tube lighting

March 22, 2016
GreenLux LED, Limited brings you exciting new products and its latest innovation - a Slim linear LED Batten light.

This direct twin fluorescent tube replacement give customers a discreet LED alternative to linear fluorescent lighting that couldn't be easier to install, simply affix the steel clips to the ceiling or wall and clip the luminaries in.

Whether you're working a new building or upgrading lighting, the GreenLux LED batten light is suitable for any space with 80mm width × 300,600,900,1200 and 1500mm Length options available.

With CRI>80, having a perfect lighting solution for conference and meeting rooms, office, hallways, school, factory, hospital, home, warehouse, storage, parking area, garage and so on, Kelvin from 3000k, 4000k, 6000k color temperature in each of the five linear options and between 900lm to 5600lm output depending on length,at a highly efficient 90lm per watt, the energy savings offer further incentive to upgrade.

Heat is managed and dissipated quickly and efficiently thanks to the aluminum-alloy body and along wire light weight fire -proof poly carbonate diffuser, you'll have no heavy lifting up the ladder...light weight and each luminaire is strong and robust with IP55 rating and 3 years warranty.


1) CRI>80

2) 3 Years warranty

3) Self-design with patent

4) CE, ROHS, SAA certification

5) 3000K, 4000K,6000K

6) Surface mounting and suspended installation


Allen, Sales Manager - GreenLux LED Co., Limited
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