Luminis redesigns Eclipse 8-in. (Maxi) collection of outdoor LED luminaires

March 11, 2016
New post top luminaires, wall mounts, pendants and bollards now optimized for LED

Luminis, an established innovator and manufacturer of specification grade, interior and exterior lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, retail, recreational and urban environments, has announced the launch of its redesigned Eclipse Maxi collection. The new LED luminaires feature a number of design and performance enhancements over the previous Eclipse 8” products.

Originally introduced to the market in 1988, the Eclipse 8” range has been a popular product for nearly three decades due to its classic design, and extensive range of mounting options. Over time the original family of products were adapted to use LED light sources, but the new Maxi collection of LED luminaires has now been revamped to fully optimize LED technology while maintaining the design attributes that made it so successful.

The redesign of Eclipse Maxi has enabled significant jumps in functionality and performance, including full cut-off and advanced control. Lighting efficiency has improved to deliver up to 110 lumens/watt while providing significant energy saving advantages.

Various mounting, pole and arm choices, top covers, struts and louver options make the Eclipse family a complete toolbox of LED luminaires to fit any application. Combining functionality with a classically decorative design, the Eclipse family is ideal for parks and pedestrian areas.

The Eclipse Maxi collection is offered with a standard 4000K CCT with 80 CRI. All products in the range boast a lifetime beyond 145,000 hours.

The new Eclipse Maxi collection complements the recently launched Eclipse 6” range.

Feature summary:
- 8” diameter base
- Full cut-off. U=0 (BUG rating)
- Post-top, wall mount, bollard and pendant mount options
- 4000K standard color temperature with 3000K and 3500K options
- 80 CRI
- 145,000 hours (L70B50)
- 700 to 8400 delivered lumens depending upon chosen model, distribution type and input
- High impact white translucent UV stabilized acrylic diffuser included with some models
- Integral LED heat dissipating pad in top cover
- Multiple standard finish colors, with the option of custom color finishes
- 347V version available

Full details are available on the Luminis website.

About Luminis
Luminis designs and manufactures specification grade interior and exterior lighting for a wide range of applications including parks, campuses, urban and commercial developments, offices, retail stores and schools. Throughout its 30-year history, the company has invested heavily in research and development to produce innovative products that integrate style and technology to deliver high efficiency, performance and durability. The company’s products have been recognized with a catalog of innovation awards, including PIAs, ADEX and IIDEX, as well as being included in the IES Progress Report selection.

Luminis sells its products predominately in North America through a national network of dedicated independent sales representatives. The company’s corporate headquarters is located in Montreal, Canada.

Luminis is a registered trademark of Luminis USA and Luminis Canada.


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