Vestel LED lighting shines bright at Light+Building 2016

March 24, 2016
Vestel showed just what it takes to shine, inside and out at Light + Building 2016, displaying an eye-catching and super-efficient display of indoor and outdoor LED lighting designs for a whole host of applications. With a line-up that encompassed everything from LED spots and tubes to garden poles and high bays, relative newcomer Vestel highlighted its rapid progress in the sector, building on its global reputation for democratizing access to good design.

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Uniquely placed to bring customized and bespoke lighting solutions to the affordable mass market, Vestel showcased the breadth and range of its manufacturing ambition, offering more choice - more trade up, style options –for even the most practical of LED lighting fixtures, including high lumen down lighter packages of up to 2100lm and anti-glare, 30 degree cut-off angle designs for its range of alternatively sized downlights.

Vestel's display introduced visitors to dimmer compatible weather-proof battens with a style-inspired, diffused finish option, ground mounted aluminium bollards in an array of designs and high bays as well as ATEX certified canopies that can work in perfect sync with businesses, offering the possibility of daylight sensor controlled lighting.

Coming in a whole range of colour temperatures to suit different ambiences and colour schemes, Vestel's slim and efficient back-lit LED lights were also out on show. Ideal for contemporary offices, they ensure reliable operation and uniform light dispersion.

Turkish manufacturer Vestel highlighted its flair for trend-setting European design, showcasing premium style linear lighting. Sleek and efficient, this easy to install solution comes with an adjustable beam angle. Compatible with a cascade connection, they are also perfect for airport departure lounges and open-plan hospitality areas, offering the possibility of a continuous, uninterrupted line of illumination.

For a dynamic retail display that can be continually changed and updated, Vestel unveiled its track lights, showcasing an ultra-efficient, longer lasting solution that is incredibly space-saving and adaptable, working with multiple other lamp designs. Providing a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, Vestel LED square spot lights were also showcased as an alternative retail display option, offering on point, adjustable LED lighting.

Vestel also showcased a range of accessible architectural lighting, introducing its atmospheric 30cm, 60cm and 90cm LED wall washers, which come with the possibility of dynamic control as well as various lens and diffuser options for more even and shadow-free lighting.

Offering brilliant illumination for large scale architectural facades, Vestel's RGB projector design was on display, providing a range of low, mid and high power options as well as the possibility of DALI or DMX control to create as many as 256 levels of colour.

Showcasing further architectural LED lighting options, Vestel introduced visitors to its LED colorline and LED bar models. Compatible with DALI-DMAX and other smart controls, they offer the possibility of pre-scheduled and timed, colour-changing lighting. Ideal for indirect, eye-pleasing illumination, Vestel’s colorline is perfect for accentuating product displays as well as entry doorways and stage steps. The Vestel LED bar provides an alternative hidden lighting option, creating a show-stopping effect for design features, such as bar counters and wall panels.

Proving its leading-edge potential in this sector, Vestel showcased its acclaimed Ephesus street lights, which, with an efficacy level of up to 145lm/W, are 30% more efficient than their standard equivalents. Compatible with numerous smart control devices, Ephesus is designed to offer further cost-saving opportunities, allowing for timed and seasonal illumination that can even be used to monitor footfall and traffic.

Of the Show, Vestel Head of UK Lighting, Vic Harasimow comments, “Light + Building was a great opportunity for us to showcase what makes us so unique, enabling visitors to find out first-hand how our customized, tailor-made solutions can make even the most functional lighting a design asset.

As a mass volume OEM manufacturer with years' worth of multi-industry experience, we recognize that design is an invaluable statement of corporate and brand identity and that this should be expressed and reflected through every lighting fixture. Every detail, every nuance in design can impact the overall environment, which is why Vestel not only offers the latest functionality, such as smart control compatibility, but also greater choice when it comes to more practical features, such as size, Wattage strengths, Lumen output characteristics and beam angle.”


Rita Balestrazzi - Vestel (UK)

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