Pure Lighting and Edge Lighting introduce linear LED lighting with interconnect for continuous wall and suspension illumination

March 8, 2016
Pure Lighting and Edge Lighting join together to introduce the most innovative advancement in LED lighting technology - the TruLine .5A and Zip Suspension with In/Out Connector for linear LED lighting.

TruLine .5A and the Zip Suspension are merged together by the In/Out Connector to become one – for continuous LED illumination from drywall into open spaces. By joining these linear LED lighting fixtures, continuous illumination with a 3D effect flows from the drywall and into the open.

TruLine .5A features a .5” wide diffuser lens that mounts seamlessly within 5/8” drywall without joist modification, vanishing into the architecture to become one with the environment. The adaptable linear plaster-in LED system creates glare-free, indoor architectural accent lighting, including horizontal, vertical, diagonal or geometric configurations on single surfaces or across multiple planes. Available in 1ft increments up to 40ft, TruLine houses dimmable, commercial-grade or dynamic color-changing LEDs.

Zip, a new standard for linear suspensions, empowers you to become not only the lighting designer, but also the fixture designer. The adaptable Zip linear suspension features a .5” lens and an array of personalization options such as multiple lengths, wattages, color temperatures and finishes.

With the addition of the innovative In/Out Connector, TruLine .5A and the Zip Suspension become one, creating a state-of-the-art linear LED lighting design where everyone is connected through light.


Gina Gasbarre, Marketing Manager - Edge Lighting