Aura Light offers customization for LED luminaires

March 24, 2016
Aura Light has introduced a new innovative architectural luminaire that offers customers the opportunity to create and customise their new lighting scheme.

The new Exzite pendant LED luminaire offers a variety of design and colour options, making it a natural part of the interior design concept, whilst still offering exceptional light performance and energy savings.

Available from 36W to 65W, the Exzite luminaire provides low energy lighting for a range of commercial applications, with the stylish aesthetics making it particularly suitable for the interior design of modern office environments.

Designed and made in Sweden, the Exzite is the work of lighting designer Joachim Engstrand and is created using Z-core technology, a light engine that enables new and flexible design concepts. With this technology every aspect of the luminaire is interchangeable, including the LEDs, sides and end panels. The core of this technology is made of extruded aluminium which ensures efficient cooling of the LEDs to enhance their lifetime, whilst reducing the need for regular maintenance.

Whether the specification is to create a lighting scheme that integrates with its surroundings, or stands out within a room, the Exzite has a colour and decorative option to suit, making it possible to truly customise individual luminaires. With adjustable suspension wires, the luminaire is also extremely easy to install which benefits the overall time and cost of the installation.

The Exzite can be created using a variety of different coloured side and end plates in either stainless steel or brass. Decorative foil and perforated steel in different designs can also be used to add even more excitement to the sides of the luminaires for a stylish and contemporary finish. The decorative screws can also be selected in a number of colours to match or stand out from the fixture.

The distribution of light can also be customised with either a micro prism diffuser or a double parabolic aluminium reflector in MIRO 5 available to complete the luminaire. Both options use a line prismatic diffuser for the indirect light.

The Exzite is a low energy, high performance luminaire with a high efficacy of up to 115 lumens per circuit watt. The luminaire gives both 65% direct and 35% indirect light, which can be dimmed using a pull switch, and can also be installed with a sensor that adapts its light level and energy consumption to many factors, including ambient lighting and room occupancy. With a 50,000 hour life to L70 B10, supported by a five year guarantee, regular replacement of the light sources is eliminated, adding to the overall monetary savings generated by the new, energy efficient lighting scheme.

The many customisable options, such as panel colours, alternative reflectors and available sensors can be found in the Exzite brochure, from Aura Light. The 10 page brochure, downloadable at, was created in-house at the company’s headquarters in Sweden to emphasise and demonstrate the many possibilities for creating a truly personalised luminaire.


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