Upshine's LED track lighting features adjustable beam angles

March 30, 2016
According to some relatively complex and strict lighting environment or engineering projects for commercial lighting (such as clothing shop, showroom, decoration shop, jewelry store supermarket, etc), more and more users require better track light to replace traditional track lighting in order to achieve better lighting effect.

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Upshine's LED track lighting (TL17) use advancing zooming technology what 20°-60° beam angle can be optionally adjusted by lens. It is more flexible than traditional track light in the light and angle control, and it is the ideal luminaire of commercial lighting application fields.

With an adjustable beam angle, TL17 LED track lighting plays a leading role in adopting a manual zoom stretch head. One track light with flexible angle varies from 20°to 60°, creating a diversified and dramatic atmosphere for targeted objects in different accent lighting situations. Smooth beam angle changing with extremely uniform light, no dark spot or shadow. Changeable lighting orientation with 320°in horizontal direction and 0-90°in vertical direction.

Changeable angle: 20°,21°,22°…… 58°, 59°, 60°.
High Lux Level @ 20° : ?1300lx @3m.
High Lumen ouput @ 60°: 2900-3200lm @ 35W.
LED Chip: Sharp COB.
Surface: Black & White.

At last, UPSHINE have more than 120 kinds of LED products for you to choose and match, we can also support customized products according to your needs and wants. Any comments or ideas will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your time!


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