Green X LED NovaStar U-shaped LED tube operates with common electronic ballasts

Feb. 4, 2015
With the success of the NovaStar II series LED U-Shaped tube, Green X LED has introduced the same beautifully well designed U Tube in models which will suit customers budget and installation situations.

NovaStar S series U-Tube is designed with an isolated internal driver designed and manufactured in house. Delivering flexibility, reliability, and safety, the NovaStar S U-Tube comes standard with thermal, electrical, and safety protections built-in to protect our product, your safety and you Customers satisfaction. Added feature of the NovaStar S U-Tube is the Dimming function which is also standard on all out LED Tubes, at no extra cost. This dimming function has been tested and show to work with 36 of the most popular wall mounted dimmers purchased or installed in USA and Canada.
NovaStar S series tubes are designed as a "Ballast By-pass" installation. Where by the retrofit procedure requires that the ballast in the fixture be by-passed and the Active and Neutral wires be connected directly to the bulb. Installation time of a 2 x 2 U-Tube fixture is approximately 4-6 minutes.

NovaStar Q series U-Tube is our Plug & Play LED Tube. Installation is as simple as changing an old fluorescent tube. Unplug the old tube and plug in your new NovaStar Q LED U-Tube. Designed for simplicity of installation as well as a lower price point, the NovaStar Q U-tube is our most cost effective retrofit solution available. NovaStar Q has been tested with over 9 of the most common Electronic Ballasts fitted inside 2x2 fixture in the USA.

Both of the NovaStar LED retrofit U-Tubes mentioned come with the reliability, safety, and design you've come to except with all of Green X LED products. Price points are well suited for a fast Customer ROI and are below what you'd expect to pay for a well deigned patented product. As well as our no questions asked long warranty period for peace of mind.

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