Follett launches 10W/12W A60 and A19 lamps with 360-degree beam angle

Feb. 20, 2015

Follett's latest waterproof LED bulbs, have resolved technical bottlenecks of traditional LED bulbs:

1. We use superior technology to enable thermal management of the LED chips, lowering the LED bulb chips' temperature in order to achieve the longevity of the bulbs (to 60,000 hours). The liquid that we put inside our LED bulbs, researched and developed by our company, now fully meets the demand for LED light cooling. The liquid is safe, with no poison or fumes, complies with European environmental certification standards, and produces a highly flame-retardant and explosion-proof effect. It improves the performance of the entire lamp.

2. We use this high transmittance liquid inside the lamp body to enable transmission from the three-dimensional light-emitting core shell without any light loss from the chip, and get a hundred percent output. So our waterproof LED bulb can provide spherical light like a traditional incandescent light, and adds at least 30% luminous flux compared to traditional LED spherical bulbs.

3. We use constant current IC technology; the driver inside the bulb does not use traditional transformers and capacitors, thus ensuring that the entire lamp life is not dependent on the power life. The whole bulb life is limited only by battery life, which is deifferent from the conventional LED lamp. Due to the elimination of inductance components inside the circuit, it can frequently switch, flashes to use, and does not damage the bulb. But traditional lamps are not able to handle frequent switching. Our LED bulbs can also be used with dimmers.

4. Silicon oil is used inside for cooling the LEDs. The liquid improves heat conduction. LED chips will work on lower TJ (junction temperature). With TJ under 65 degrees Celsius, the long-term light bulb temperature will be under 60 degrees Celsius. It is an insulating, inflame retarding, non-toxic, not corrosive, safe and environmentally friendly liquid.

5. Boiling point: 210 degrees; flash point: 300 degrees. Our bulb is non-scalding. With the long-term light bulb temperate under 60 degrees, it will not explode, and is therefore very safe to use.

6.The driver is inside the base.The luminance decrease rate is lower than 3% each year.

Specifications as following:

Power: 10W/12W
View angle: 360 degrees
CRI: Greater than 80
Lumen efficiency: 100 lm/W
Lifetime: 60,000 hours


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