Bright Light Systems partners with Phoenix Terminal Solutions on sales of plasma and LED lighting products

Feb. 6, 2015
Bright Light Systems, a leading manufacturer of Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) luminaires and wireless lighting controls, has entered into a sales and marketing agreement with Phoenix Terminal Solutions (PTS), a recently-announced business unit of Phoenix Products Company. Operating as a global sales agency to serve the container, intermodal, and bulk terminal markets, PTS will supply both Light Emitting Plasma and LED lighting solutions.
“Our success in providing Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) high mast lighting to the marine market set the stage for this natural partnership,” said Brad Lurie, president and CEO of Bright Light Systems. “Phoenix Products is an acknowledged leader in LED lighting for container and bulk handling equipment but the market also recognizes BLS plasma technology as ideal for fixed mount, high-mast applications. Our award-winning LEP technology saves energy, reduces maintenance, and improves the quality of light. By combining this capability with Phoenix Products’ LED portfolio and experience in the mining, terminals and ports markets, we see a great opportunity to accelerate our growth and acquire new customers.” Bright Light Systems will also provide the latest in lighting controls technology to PTS. “Our customers at the San Juan Airport, the Port of Oakland, and the Port of Seattle are seeing an additional 25-30% energy savings with our BLMS wireless lighting controls,” said John Chalmers, Director of Marketing for BLS. “Our unique web-based lighting management solution offers powerful tools for scheduling, monitoring and reporting that optimizes lighting for container terminal facilities.” Along with Phoenix and Bright Light Systems, LASE of Germany- a leader in laser measurement systems- will also join Phoenix Terminal Solutions. Scott Fredrick, CEO of Phoenix, concluded, “The synergy of these industry leaders will provide unmatched expertise, service and results for PTS and its customers.”


John Chalmers, Director of Marketing - Bright Light Systems

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