Tamlite launches outdoor LED accent lighting range for energy and maintenance savings

Feb. 6, 2015
Tamlite Lighting, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and designers of lighting, is launching a new range of energy-saving LED ground lights, floodlights and spotlights, which provide ultra-bright external illumination, while cutting maintenance concerns to nil.

Tamlite’s new external LED range is designed for crisp, precise illumination of building facades and external spaces. Part of Tamlite’s 2020 portfolio of products for the projects and specification market, this range has been developed with the demanding requirements of designers, architects and installers in mind.

This means that not only do Tamlite’s new external lighting options provide the standard long lifespans and low-energy consumption of LED, they also prioritise good light quality. The accurate colour rendering of the products, in particular, means that the colours and details of building facades appear as they really are under the lights.

What’s more, all of the ground lights, floodlights and spotlights in the range have been engineered to be robust and fully protected against tampering and extremes of weather, with ratings of IP65 and above.

Colin Lawson, Head of Sales, Marketing & Product Development at Tamlite Lighting, comments: “‘Fit and forget’ is always the ambition when it comes to outdoor lighting, and the combination of long-lasting LEDs and high-quality product build means that our new 2020 external offerings really can deliver maintenance-free lighting.”

2020 LFL wall-washer floodlight
The 2020 LFL linear floodlight features a fully-adjustable 20º beam angle for precise illumination of building facades. With a CRI of >80, the 2020 LFL ensures crisp colour rendering, and options for colour temperature in either warm white (3000K) or cool white (5000K). An RGB colour change version is also available.

IP65-rated and built from extruded aluminium, the floodlight features a 3mm tempered glass lens with semi-frosted finish. Simple surface mounting installation is via a die-cast aluminium bracket.

The 2020 LFL is available in two sizes, depending on the size of facade and level of light needed. The 25W version has dimensions of 500 x 78 x 86mm, while its big brother, the 56W version, measures 1,000 x 78 x 86mm. In both cases, the light output and efficiency is excellent. The smaller floodlight boasts an output of 1,500 lumens, with an efficacy of 60 lm/W, while the larger version achieves 2,900 lumens output at an efficacy of 52 lm/W.

2020 LGL wall-washer ground light
Similarly styled to the 2020 LFL, the 2020 LGL linear ground light makes it possible to get an uplighter effect with either symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. It produces cool-white light (5000K) as standard, with a high CRI of >80. An RGB colour change version of the 2020 LGL is also available.

The ground light measures 328 x 63 x 65mm and achieves a light output of 875lm, with an efficacy of 73 lm/W, while drawing just 12W of power. IP67-rated, the 2020 LGL is built from die-cast aluminium, with stainless steel trim and a robust 8mm tempered glass lens.

2020 SL spotlight
The 2020 SL circular spotlight produces a narrow beam of light for highly accurate spotlighting out of doors. Built from die-cast aluminium, finished in grey, and featuring 4mm tempered glass, this sturdy spotlight is IP65-rated.

Providing cool-white (5000K) illumination (with a CRI of >80) from a 6º beam, the 2020 SL is available in two sizes. The smaller, 12W version has a 151mm diameter and produces a light output of 889 lm, achieving an efficacy of 74 lm/W. The larger, 24W version, which measures 177mm diameter, achieves a similarly high efficacy of 73 lm/W, with a light output of 1,750 lm.

2020 GL ground light
The 2020 GL circular ground light is built to provide excellent illumination while withstanding damage from vehicles. With its die-cast aluminium body in a PVC mounting sleeve and stainless steel trim, the IP67-rated ground light is able to cope with a maximum load at 30 mph of 1,840kg.

Supplied with a 24º reflector, the 2020 GL provides cool-white light (5000K) with a CRI of >80. It is available in three sizes, depending on the level of light needed. The smallest, 13W version produces a light output of 550 lm (with an efficacy of 42 lm/W) and measures 173mm in diameter. When more light is required, the 19W version is able to produce 1000lm light output (with an efficacy of 53 lm/W) and measures 210mm in diameter. The largest, 32W version produces 1500lm of light output (with an efficacy of 47 lm/W), from a diameter of 250mm.

Solutions for walkways
As part of its 2020 portfolio of products, Tamlite is also launching further external lighting solutions for walkways and pedestrian areas, including TIERRA. Available as either a decorative LED bollard or bulkhead, TIERRA is powder-coated in satin-black for a stylish finish, while also boasting an IP54 rating.

TIERRA, along with Tamlite’s other options for LED external lighting, finally make it possible to achieve a ‘fit and forget’ outdoor lighting scheme, keeping both maintenance costs and energy consumption to a minimum.


Colin Lawson Head of Sales, Marketing and Product Development - Tamlite Lighting
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