Lauren Illumination's Thin Light Technology products are suited for zero-plenum application

Feb. 9, 2015
Lauren Illumination introduces its TILT panel and downlight system which provides an answer to long-standing problems for tight plenum spaces. The system's simplicity allows you to separate driver from fixture for problem areas and maintain full control over dimming and switches. All TILT lights are high color quality, high energy efficiency and utilize an engineered design that easily installs in ZERO plenum spaces.

At 3/8” maximum height on downlights and panels, all TILT lights possess high CRI (90+) and high R9 (>50) for natural, consistent color from fixture-to-fixture. The Low voltage distribution system easily to installs, saving time and labor.

For more information, call or visit the company website to see the full line of panels and downlights, drivers, controls, accessories, sales and support.


Lauren Illumination
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