Hubbell Lighting's Beacon Products launches ENERGENI control system for automated dimming

Feb. 11, 2015
Greenville, SC – Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, has announced a new control device that gives lighting owners a simple way to save on energy costs — Beacon Products’ ENERGENI. The compact ENERGENI offers an easy-to-use platform to control dimming and automatically dim the lights during unoccupied hours, and with two flexible setting options, the control system allows users to either dim based on the time of the night or on hours of operation.

“As energy codes become more restrictive, the integration of controls and lighting products has become increasingly important,” explained Keith Hall, VP of Brand Management at Beacon Products. “The ENERGENI offers a wide variety of delay and dimming options that help drive down energy use while ensuring consistent and smart lighting in a wide variety of applications.”

For systems using a photocontrol or astronomical time clock, the ENERGENI can be set to dim at approximately the same time each evening making it ideal for applications looking for a set schedule or areas where dimming is required by law. If a user wants to dim to 40% brightness at midnight, the ENERGENI’s five DIP switches make this easy to accomplish. The ENERGENI simply counts the hours of operation to determine the midnight time as its setting point, and exact brightness levels can be set in a uniform and precise manner.

The second option is dimming based on hours of operation. An example of this would be in a situation where a user defines the setting for the luminaire to be dimmed to 40% brightness after five hours of operation. These settings are a perfect choice for systems controlled with a time clock, as they would dim at the exact same time every evening.

The ENERGENI comes equipped with 32 pre-programmed functional settings that can easily be selected with its five DIP switches. The delay and dimming level options can be configured and re-configured at will in the field without the need for special cables or computers.

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Andy Beck - for Hubbell Lighting Media
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