GEBright enables floodlighting of tall structures with LED fixture achieving 500m projection

Feb. 13, 2015
The LED Floodlight 500W, 250W optional in high power and high brightness is especially suitable for tall building lighting and extreme distance projection with 500 meters maximum. CE Rosh TUV SAA is approval with 5 years warranty.
Adopting airflow channels and riveted fins heat dissipation design combined with overclocking three HDT, Zipped-fins and Gear Shaper patent technology, the floodlight create a 3-D thermal system with excellent heat dissipation efficiency. The heat from the light source transfers efficiently to the large area fins set, and then be took out. This 3-D thermal system rapidly decreases the temperature of light source to ensure a longer lifespan.

HTD Patent Tech
Heat pipe and heat source is zero distance joint directly, greatly exert the performance of the heat pipe and improve the efficiency of the heat conduction;
Pure Copper Heat Pipe
The heat pipe quickly transfer the heat out of the light source by using the theory of heat conduction and properties of rapid heat transfer of the refrigeration medium, and thermal capacity is better than any known metals.
3-D Heat Dissipation
Using the fin style heat sink, each fin are distributed with parallel relative to hollow-out holes, and the left and right sides are inter flowing to appear a convection of air duct, combined with the space in fins forms a three-dimensional heat dissipation, maximum the heat dissipation efficacy.
Gear Shaper Patent Tech
The fin-set and the heat transfer plate are inserted together closely, minimize thermal resistance. It is so elegant in appearance and environmental as well as no need to electroplating.
Zipped-fins Patent Tech
Each piece of the fins maintains equal spacing but interlocked tightly to forms a whole, which enhance fins firmness and maximize the cooling area with the smallest weight.
Pure AL Lampshade
High purity aluminum lampshade fit closely with aluminum PCB and heat dissipation to form an integrated thermal structure. Pure aluminum whole lamp heat dissipation, enhance the overall heat dissipation efficiency, extend the lights lifespan.

In addition to the excellent heat dissipation, another crucial important factor is the lighting source for LED Lights. We adopt Cree XPE3535 Light source which meet with LM-80 Energy Star and DLC Certification. The luminous flux reaches 140lm/w maximum, high brightness, high luminous efficacy and good color consistency. Besides, IP67, Isolation constant-current power supply endorsed with CE ROHS TUV SAA Marks combine with brand-name components, guarantee the floodlight work stably for a long time;
Finally, particularly worth mentioning is the professional projector lamp design concept. A variety of beam angle reflective cup, such as 5?, 10?, 20?, 30?, 60?, satisfy the professional light distribution. It is widely used in skyscrapers, casino, shopping malls, bridges, docks, television tower, sculptures, etc. The projection distance of the 5 beam angle one up to 500 meter, it is a real sense of tall building lighting equipment.


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