Prescolite's MegaLum LED downlight offers variable ouputs up to and above 16,000 lm

Feb. 3, 2015
Greenville, SC – Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced that Prescolite’s award-winning, high output LED downlight is now offered in lumen packages ranging up to more than 16,500 lumens. From school auditoriums and concert halls to theaters and churches, the MegaLum delivers the very best in cost savings and performance for high ceiling applications from 20 to 60 feet.

Available in either a downlight (MD8LED) or cylinder (MC10LED) option, the MegaLum is capable of delivering over 16,000 lumens and up to 100 LPW and offers a variety of dimming options including DMX. With a rated minimum of 50,000 hours life, the MegaLum ensures lasting maintenance-free operation—a tremendous benefit at very high ceiling heights.

The updated MegaLum also features Prescolite’s revolutionary Variable Intensity (Vi) Technology. With Vi Technology, customers are no longer limited by standard fixture configurations, but can specify the exact amount of light and power as well as beam distribution to perfectly illuminate any environment. The powerful MegaLum can also be dimmed to a mere 10 lumens—easily surpassing some of the industry’s best fixtures that can only dim to 1%. Even the most discerning guest in an auditorium or theater is hard pressed to notice that the lighting is actually still on.

As LED technology penetrates new markets, DMX has become the most common control system for today’s auditoriums and theaters. Unfortunately, traditional light sources are unable to receive a digital signal; forcing users to incorporate a dimming rack into the lighting configuration. This not only adds an additional step and cost, but changing the language of the signal creates problematic dimming issues. Some manufacturers have even attached an adaptor to the J-Box to convert the voltage, maneuvering around the problem by shifting a step in the process to the fixture. The MegaLum accepts the DMX directly to the driver making it simple to control.

Integrating house lighting with DMX, the new MegaLum has consolidated control into one dimming system compatible with a variety of architectural control systems and/ or entertainment consoles for both new construction and retrofit applications. Uniquely, the MegaLum is factory configurable to deliver any lumen output and drive current desired. This means there are unlimited choices of light output for lighting designers to realize their lighting visions.

Available in five color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K), the MegaLum uses up to 480 individual LEDs specifically mixed to provide a minimum of 80+ CRI with 3 SCDM color consistency. The fixture can also be configured to be Hubbell Building Automation wiHUBB™ compatible.

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Andy Beck - for Prescolite/Hubbell Lighting

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