Neri's Archilede Special LED street light uses low-glare reflector

May 15, 2015
Neri's Archilede Special LED street light incorporates design, performance and energy savings in a single system. Designed by Makio Hasuike, Archilede Special is the result of a collaboration between Neri SpA and Enel Sole.

Made of cast aluminum, with a IP66 protection rating, the screen is made of tempered extra-clear glass, 4mm thick, with IK09 mechanical resistance.

The wide emission surface and the perimeter reflector of the LED street light increase the emission efficiency, maintaining reduced glare values. Archilede Special houses the latest generation Cree XP-G2 LED light source with high-performance lighting efficiency and a ceramic base guaranteeing high thermal conductivity and electric insulation to ensure a longer lifetime. The optical system of the LED street light is composed by overlapping PMMA lenses with constant high light transmission performance; the multilayer system optimises the quality of light even when the system performances change.

Thanks to electronic ballasts with intelligent systems, lighting management guarantees energy savings. The LED driver used for the Archilede Special is equipped with the following features:

- NCL (Neri Constant Lumen) – The driver allows the continuity of initial flux throughout the life of the product, calibrating the current supplied to LEDs to ensure the same luminous flux over time.
- NLV (Neri Variable Lighting) – The driver used has a stand-alone control that automatically adjusts the luminous flux at one or more levels during the period of operation, which is automatically set according to the seasons.
- DALI (Remote Control / Remote Management) – Through the digital bidirectional DALI protocol, lighting levels can be checked, power consumption controlled and the system diagnosed. On the wiring plate inside the product a place has been allocated to accommodate an electronic unit for the remote management functions.

Heat dissipation, crucial for the system efficiency, has been properly integrated with the product design. Through channels dedicated to individual LEDs, physical contact between light source and aluminum cover ensures the right orientation of the transmitted heat. The system allows the LED street light to be operated at temperatures up to 50°C, keeping the LED junction temperature below the threshold to guarantee the expected life.


Enrica Corzani - Neri

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