Arrlux Lighting will debut innovative microwave motion sensor at LightFair International

May 4, 2015
Arrlux Lighting, a leading manufacturer of LED high power lighting products and wireless smart lighting control system, is debuting its newest patented microwave motion sensor for roadway lighting management at LightFair 2015.

The microwave motion sensor has achieved breakthroughs not only in structure but in function as well. It offers roadway lighting with adjustable delay time from 5 seconds to 10 minutes where stand-by lighting levels can be set to 5%, 15%, 25% or 50% of the full output.

Arrlux® motion sensors are equipped with wireless transceivers which allows each light to communicate with other lights in a same group. Essentially lights can be setup to illuminate for one side of the road depending on traffic conditions, hence saving energy. By configuring DIP switches on the motion sensor, the lights can be set into either two groups “A” or “B”. When the motion sensing streetlight detects movement, it will automatically fully illuminate and communicate to the other streetlights within the same group to do the same while the lights in a different group will remain in standby lighting mode. It provides a coverage angle of 120° x 60° and a network range of 400 meters. Furthermore, the streetlight with motion sensor can be adjusted to have its power-on delay time for peak hour conditions to be set from 4 to 8 hours.

Two different models of motion sensor for roadway lighting are available now for different applications -- MSA277 and MSB277. MSA277 is applicable for high-speed motion with speed of 20Km/h~150Km/h while MSB277 is for low-speed motion less than 20Km/h.

Below are the patent certificates obtained by Arrlux® for its microwave motion sensor:

For more information please see our YouTube video:

About Arrlux
Arrlux Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., is a pioneer in intelligent control system and a leading manufacturer of high power lighting products, including LED Streetlights, Floodlight and Bay lights. The R&D center of Arrlux is located in California, USA. With a comprehensive product line and unique designs in optic lens & thermal management, Arrlux products are well received in the global lighting market.


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