Feit Electric debuts HomeBrite LED-based Bluetooth smart lighting system at LightFair

May 7, 2015
HomeBrite by Feit Electric offers consumers an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to personalize and add smart lighting in any home or business.

Feit Electric is excited to introduce HomeBrite®, an innovative LED-based smart lighting system that offers consumers an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to personalize and control a home lighting system. HomeBrite uses Bluetooth Smart™ Mesh technology to connect lights throughout an entire home via a free HomeBrite App on a Bluetooth-enabled smart device. This new smart lighting system requires nothing more than an energy-efficient HomeBrite LED bulb and a phone or tablet. This means no wires, no router, no remote, and no Wi-Fi signal is needed. A user can simply control HomeBrite from any Bluetooth-enabled phone or tablet and then personalize it to meet any family or lifestyle needs. The HomeBrite system also allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously so the entire family can stay connected.

“Feit Electric has created a solution for every household. The gateway is eliminated. The limit on the number of connected bulbs is eliminated. The wires, fuss, and connection issues are all eliminated. HomeBrite is another example of Feit Electric creating “Innovation that’s Bright”", said Alan Feit, executive vice president.

The HomeBrite smart lighting system offers the ability to extend control and personalization of every light in and around a home or office. The HomeBrite App serves as a virtual mobile light switch, which allows users to dim and turn lights on and off from anywhere in the house. This app also allows personalization of specific groups, rooms, timers, and schedules. HomeBrite is not only an LED-based smart lighting system, it is also eco-friendly, using 84% less energy (compared to a standard 60W incandescent) and can last up to 22.8 years.

Feit Electric’s HomeBrite LED bulbs will be available in A19, BR30, PAR38, and B10 form-factors as well as a 6” retrofit, without compromising traditional form factors and sacrificing light output. All HomeBrite bulbs are compatible with widely used types of lamps including general-purpose lamps, chandeliers, recessed down lights, and outdoor lamps. The HomeBrite App will be available to download on iTunes™ and Google Play™ by August 2015. HomeBrite debuts at LightFair International in New York City, May 5–7, 2015 in the Feit Electric Booth (#2157). HomeBrite will be available online and in stores by August 2015.


Feit Electric
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