SolarMax LED provides financial assistance for cities installing LED street lights

May 19, 2015
SolarMax LED (formerly ActOne LED) announces Special Finance Program to City Lights to take on Obama’s street light challenge

SolarMax Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce a new LED program in response to President Obama’s “Presidential Challenge for Outdoor Lighting” program that is being administered by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) under the Better Buildings program.

Since outdoor lighting consumes enough energy to power 6 million homes for a year costing cities about $10 billion annually, the challenge was launched to reduce energy consumption by 60% and reduce 40,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Originally, the Obama administration set a goal of working with cities and municipalities to upgrade 500,000 light poles to LED street lights as part of its Better Buildings program. Due to the strong interest in the program since its first announcement in 2011, the administration decided to triple their goal and call for 1.5 million light pole upgrades by May 2016.
Through the Better Buildings Outdoor Lighting Accelerator, the Presidential Challenge for Outdoor Lighting will work with dozens of municipalities to accelerate the adoption and use of efficient LED street lights in order to reduce carbon pollution in communities across the Nation. As a strong supporter of renewable energy and green living, SolarMax Technology has launched a program to assist with this challenge.

SolarMax LED (formerly Act One LED), a subsidiary of SolarMax Technology, has created a 0% finance program for LED street lights to help all cities that welcome the idea of energy savings, and brighter, safer streets for their neighborhoods. Since its establishment in the year 2000, SolarMax LED has worked closely with Caltrans and many cities throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada to provide products that make it convenient and cost-effective for homeowners, businesses, and institutions to replace their existing high cost lighting with new, high quality and lower cost LED lighting.

“We are committed to lending municipal governments 13 million dollars to cover the cost of replacing streetlights including retrofitting and new fixtures,” said Stephen Li, sales director of SolarMax LED Lighting.

For more information on the program and the 10 year warranty provided for all products, please contact Stephen Li.


Stephen Li, Sales Director - Act One LED Lighting/SolarMax LED
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