Pdgrow extends 360-degree LED filament bulb product line

May 11, 2015
Our LED filament bulb lineup is inspired by the frst generation Edison bulb but equipped with ultra-bright tiny LED chipsets.

Features include:
1) Original chipset - Each filament (1W) uses 28pcs small Epistar chipset x 0.036W

2) Energy savings - 115~120 w/lm, 4W could replace 50W incandescent bulb

3) Lifespan - 50,000 hrs, 10~25 times that of traditional bulbs

4) Cost savings - 4W LED filament bulb could save 368 USD/year compared with 50W incandescent bulb

Marketing analysis:

Our LED filament bulb products equipped with new LED filament sources and an old fashioned Edison bulb look not only could evoke a nostalgic style for lighting, but also conform to the main beneficial characteristics of LED Products. Due to the products' excellent performance, they are expected to trend in the near future.


The LED filament bulb represents a rapidly growing market - we are exporting 50,0000 pcs to U.S. & Canadian markets per month. Now we are expanding to Europe, then to Asia and Africa and finally to ship globally. As rising sales statistics show, anyone who takes the opportunity to partner with Pdgrow could achieve big financial gains.