Dialight's next-generation DuroSite industrial LED light offers zero-maintenance for mining conveyor application

May 8, 2015
Updated CE-compliant industrial LED light designed for conveyor applications with precision long-throw optics offers 5-year full-performance warranty

Farmingdale, NJ (DATE) - Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, has announced the launch of its next-generation DuroSite® LED conveyor light. The industrial LED light is designed specifically to eliminate lighting maintenance in the harsh environment of mining applications, where maintenance of thousands of light fittings installed on kilometers of conveyors and walkways across vast sites is an expensive and ongoing burden.

Carrying a five-year full-performance warranty the CE-compliant Dialight LED conveyor light is L70 rated for >100,000 hours representing minimal lumen depreciation over the life of the industrial LED light. This rating far exceeds many other similar LED solutions and outperforms conventional sources by up to a factor of ten. Its robust construction can withstand the constant shock and vibration of the mining environment, unlike HID fittings that need frequent maintenance and replacement. The IP66 sealed industrial LED light is resistant to water and dirt ingress, optimizing the longevity of the product. With its clever mechanical design, installation is quick and simple with ingress protection being uncompromised during the installation process.

Designed from the ground up to accommodate Dialight's proprietary long-throw optics, the compact, low-maintenance DuroSite® LED conveyor light incorporates wide-angle optics that enable optimized light spread while avoiding light spill and glare. The 60W fitting provides superior color rendering, with a CRI of 70 and CCT at 6000K, delivering a cool white light for improved visibility and clarity compared to conventional high-pressure sodium or mercury vapor.

The DuroSite LED conveyor light operates in ambient temperatures from -40°C to 65°C, exceeding the upper temperature range of any rival, making it suitable for use in extreme environments. Mining installations can also benefit from the instant-on capability of the industrial LED light, eliminating the lengthy re-strike delays that are common with HID lighting systems.

Considering energy savings, eliminated maintenance and out-of-the-box installation, the Dialight DuroSite LED Conveyor Light will pay for itself many times over in its lifetime.


Nicole Paleologus for Dialight
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