Photonic Laboratories achieves simple replacement of HID and fluorescent lights with Ballast Direct lighting retrofit technology

May 8, 2015
Product family removes installation barriers for easy conversion to LED technology

North Arlington, NJ – High installation costs and challenges in moving to advanced LEDs often keep facility managers from updating their outdated HID and fluorescent lighting, despite the significant long-term benefits new lighting retrofit technologies offer. That’s why Photonic Labs is making its Ballast Direct™ lighting technology generally available.

The Ballast Direct™ Solution is a revolutionary lighting retrofit technology on the market that makes it possible to convert virtually all HID lamps to high-quality, high-efficiency LEDs without replacing any core components. It can be installed in just minutes and provides light with superior quality, and with an 80 percent reduction in energy use.

“Photonic Labs is dedicated to expanding LED technologies and helping every organization, large and small, take full advantage of the technology,” said Alfred Heyer, founder and CEO of Photonic Laboratories. “We know how difficult installations can be in industrial, commercial and infrastructure applications, and our goal is to make life a little easier for facility managers while simultaneously reducing energy and maintenance costs.”

Ballast Direct is a leader in HID conversion technology, requiring no re-wiring and no replacement of existing fixtures, ballasts or other critical components which creates substantial savings in installation and maintenance costs. Ballast Direct can retrofit virtually any HID fixture, including but not limited to metal halide and mercury vapor lamps of up 1,000 watts, with an available efficacy of up to 140 lumens/watt.

The lighting retrofit solution improves light quality, decreases energy consumption and can extend the life of existing ballasts. Ballast Direct includes Photonic Laboratories’ standard multi-year warranty and is available across all of Photonic Laboratories’ product families including but not limited to:

• Street lights
• High bays and low bays
• Tubes
• Canopy lights
• Utility lights

“At Lalezarian Properties we focus on maximizing our value proposition by combining industry expertise with sophisticated tools and technology,” said Donald Ryan, director of commercial real estate at Lalezarian Properties. “Photonic Laboratories’ Ballast Direct solution played an instrumental role in ensuring our properties have best-in-class lighting while also reducing our installation, maintenance and utility costs.”

Ballast Direct is one of Photonic Laboratories’ many cutting edge technologies for advanced LED lighting in commercial, industrial and infrastructure applications.

About Photonic Labs
Photonic Labs pushes the envelope of applied photonics, developing cutting edge technologies that harvest sunlight, store energy and illuminate some of the world’s most iconic public spaces. With a team of scientists and engineers hailing from of the world’s leading research institutions, Photonic Labs conducts research and development as well as manufactures a full range of photonic devices, from solar-powered products to LEDs, at its New Jersey production facility.


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