Fern-Howard launches EdgeLED A1 outdoor luminaire with refined optical beam control

May 8, 2015
Fern-Howard’s EdgeLED™ range, already defined by the exceptionally pleasant and uniform light created by Rambus’ patented MicroLens® optics, has raised the bar yet again with the introduction of the EdgeLED™ A1 outdoor luminaire with Ray Angle Control.

Ray Angle Control means that light exits the outdoor luminaire so precisely that only a tightly defined area is lit, minimising light spillage, avoiding light pollution and reducing energy consumption.

Specifically designed for external walkways, landing areas and corridors - anywhere that lighting must create a pleasant and safe environment but where light pollution can be an issue, this elegant and slim luminaire creates a long, slim light pattern. This ensures only the walkway is lit, that no light spills onto opposite buildings, and that none is lost into the sky.

As all light goes only where it is needed and there is no need to mask unwanted light, fewer luminaires are required to light a given area, significantly saving installation and operating costs while simultaneously reducing carbon footprints.

Developed in close co-operation with Rambus Inc., the EdgeLED™ A1 outdoor luminaire represents a technical breakthrough that has taken over two years to perfect – an achievement that finally realises a lighting vision long pursued by Fern-Howard’s CEO, Peter Scott.

“Being able to control light so precisely now means we can design luminaires that behave like snipers’ rifles not shotguns, a huge advance that means we can improve the lit environment – all while saving our customer’s money and protecting the environment”


Elke Hahmann, Marketing Manager - Fern-Howard Ltd.
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