GEBright debuts 'Brilliant' 30W LED tracklight with 30-degree beam angle

May 13, 2015
GEBright releases its GEB® "Brilliant" 30W LED tracklight leveraging a Cree XPE LED source.
1. Cree XPE light source, >130 lm/w, meets LM-80 standard and DLC Certification
2. Sufficient illumination: LED is instant-on and can reach the expect lumen output, without swift loss
3. Low lumen attenuation: High quality constant-current driver and good heat dissipation techniques
4. Cooling fin structure: Innovative fin-style design, adopts high-thermal-conductivity material AL1060, patented technologies including zipped-fin, compressed-fin efficiently enlarge cooling area for super heat dissipation, the coefficient of heat transfer is up to 90%
5. High-efficient double ball-bearing fan: Double ball bearing fan expands lighting lifespan up to 6000 hours, noise is less than 26 dB, fault warning with automatic alarm system and intelligent power off
6. Shark gill bionic design: Innovative air-duct channel, shark gill shape optimizes airflow efficiency - the "shark gills'" zero-resistance airduct design optimizes heat conduction, also free from clogging by clothing, fabric

Lighting applications:
• School, university, hospital, hotel
• Meeting room, show room, showcase
• Commercial complex
• Supermarket, mall
• Residential lighting, commercial decorative lighting
• Entertainment venue lighting and supplementary lighting
• Specialty retail, restaurants/bars, jewelry display


Shirley, Sales Director - GEBright Optoelectronic Tech Co., Ltd
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