Press Release: Whiz Bidirectional, the First High Bay LED Luminaire to Offer Upward and Downward Lighting Control

April 6, 2015
METEOR has a new addition to the popular Whiz Series, the Whiz Bidirectional. It is one of the first LED high bay luminaire to deliver upward and downward lighting control for simultaneous illumination of ceiling and floor in 150W and 250W. Majority of LED fixtures on the market cannot deliver both up and down light, which in turn could obscure a grand ceiling, becoming an issue for architects and lighting designers. To rectify this problem, METEOR developed Whiz Bidirectional to expand LED applications into uncharted territory.

METEOR has transplanted the efficient Whiz module into a newly designed housing for a clean contemporary look. The concealed heatsink features streamlined structural design with nano-radiation heat dissipation coating to deliver optimized thermal management for increased efficiency. The driver can be installed remotely with distance up to 200’ for easy maintenance.

Despite its compact size, the Whiz Bidirectional is still capable of delivering 25,000 lumens, with 100lm/w energy efficiency. The 2 fins on the side of the fixture deliver 15-20% upward lumens at approximately 4500lm. The fins can be adjusted manually. Whiz Bidirectional comes standard with 0-10V dimming. The dimming capabilities for the upward and downward light can be controlled together or separately, which increases the functionality of the space as one can create different scenes for different events in each project.

Whiz Bidirectional is especially suited for spaces where definition of ceiling structure is needed. Application ranges from sports halls, convention centers, auditoriums, manufacturing facility to airports.


Ada Grace
[email protected]
(213) 255 2060