GlacialLight moves into track lighting market with 93-lm/W GL-TSL30 LED spotlight

April 2, 2015
GlacialLight, the LED lighting division of GlacialTech Inc., debuts its Track Lighting range with the GL-TSL30 LED spotlight. This powerful track lighting fixture uses efficient thermal design to produce up to 2800 lumens with just 30W, and is compatible with popular 3-circuit lighting tracks.

With a black and gold finish, the GL-TSL30 LED spotlight is well suited for museum, art gallery, retail, and decorative home lighting. Besides the track lighting model, it also comes in surface mount and pendant mounting variants with dimming for greater lighting flexibility.

LED spotlight
The GL-TSL30 offers powerful spotlighting in an efficient package. Using just 30W, the GL-TSL30 produces up to 2800lumens with strong thermal design from GlacialTech. LED design means a long service life of 30,000 hours. The LED spotlight rotates 360 degrees horizontally, as well as 90 degrees vertically for complete lighting freedom.

Quality light
With a CRI of 80 standard, colors are accurately rendered, making the GL-TSL30 suited for lighting museums and art installations, or as retail or decorative home lighting. For the special higher CRI applications the GL-TSL30 can come in CRI ratings of 90 and 95. The LED spotlight has low glare design and produces no UV or IR radiation. The beam angle can be specified at a tight 20 degrees, or a wider 38 degrees for area illumination.

Flexible mounting
Besides track light mounting, the GL-TSL30 also comes in surface mount and pendant rod variations with dimming capability, giving more lighting flexibility. The surface mount variation can be mounted to ceilings directly, or to floors, allowing walls or installations to be lit from below. The pendant rod option extends the spotlight down from the ceiling, for a different angle of illumination.

Can rotate 360° horizontally and 90° vertically.
Up to 2800 lumens using just 30W.
Efficient cold forged thermal design.
Free of projected heat and UV radiation.
Surface mount and pendant rod versions also available.
CRI 80 standard for accurate color rendering and CRI 90 or 95 models available.
Dimming available on surface and pendant mount models.
Compatible with 3-circuit lighting tracks.


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