Cobright explored new 50W and 60W all in one solar integrated light

April 17, 2015
At the end of year 2014, Cobright has launched out its new design for 50W and 60W all in one solar led street light, it is a new technology, before because the high power of the LED consumption, it limited the size of the solar panel. But now this technology hard point was broke by Cobright R&D engineers. Clients can choose the bigger power for more main street lighting now.

Let us see the features for 50W and 60W design structure:

The advantages which have been improved based on the former 8-40W all in one solar integrated light is that we have improved many of the functions. One is the obvious features is that we have added a signal indicator which can show how much the capacity of battery power left when the lamps work. There are 4 signals on the front frame, one signal represents 25% energy of the battery. How many signal lights on mean how many percent power left in the battery. This will be more intelligent than before.

The second big feature of the light is that all models can adopt integrated COB light source now. Before the led light source we choose is the single power Bridgelux LED, now client can choose integrated COB light source for option. More diversity of choice.

And the third intelligent function for the light is that we adopt the time phase control of the light to the lamp. Considering the later half midnight, there would be less vehicles and passengers we set a programmer to control the light illumination. Take 12hrs working hour per night for example, the default setting is the first 2hrs working by 100%, and send 2hrs is 80%, the third 4hrs is 50%, and the forth 2hrs is 30%, the last 2hrs 20% then to off. And of course this data setting can be required by clients to revise when production the goods.

After the first launching of the 50W 60W light, many old clients choose to take sample for a test, we believe it would be more and more popular for the market needing.

Welcome more client to contact us to know more.

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Serena Xie