MyLumens launches 180-lm/w LED T8 tube

April 15, 2015
MyLumens, alongside its business partner Furukawa Electronics Japan, has once again proven to be a market leader in developing high performance LED T8 tubes. The laboratory has successfully produced a 180-lm/w (hot lumens) LED T8 tube. As with the company's 160-lm/w LED T8 tube which has been in mass production since Q4 2014, this tube features wide angle bean distribution and uses Furukawa Electronics Japan patented reflective material. This technology has been recognized and accepted widely in Japan. The optical material was tested and proven to produce less blue light which is a hot issue in regard to user health concerns lately. The 180-lm/W LED T8 tube is designed to produce indirect lighting yet can achieve very high light output.

Total cost of ownership to replace fluorescent T8s with LED has already been proven. MyLumens is setting a new standard in total ownership cost. MyLumens is no longer comparing their product’s total ownership cost with fluorescent but rather comparing with other LED T8 tube products. The goal is to achieve an additional 50% savings compared to the typical LED T8 tube. This led to development of the 160-lm/W LED T8 tube in 2014, and now the company has developed the 180-lm/W LED T8 tube which only requires 11.2W to produce 2000 lm (hot lumens) -- to replace the conventional fluorescent tube or even replace other LED T8 tube technologies.

The chart demonstrates the savings of MyLumens' 180 lm/w tube vs. typical 18W/2000-lm LED T8 tubes. Assumptions:
• Market-typical 100-lm/W LED T8 tube @ US$16
• MyLumens' 180-lm/W LED T8 tube @ US$25
• Energy tariff @ US$0.3/kWh


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