Elemental LED debuts Hydrolume submersible LED striplight with UV and corrosion resistance

April 28, 2015
Emeryville, California – Elemental LED, Inc., the recognized U.S.-based leader in innovative LED lighting solutions, introduces Hydrolume, the newest member of their Diode LED product line. Hydrolume LED striplight is a truly waterproof, California factory-finished striplight designed to perform in extreme outdoor environments.

Before Hydrolume, outdoor-rated lighting products focused only on moisture-proofing. The challenge was that outdoor-rated products quickly became compromised due to environments involving sunlight, saltwater, chlorine, full submersion and physical abuse. the Hydrolume LED striplight was designed to offer maintenance-free performance under extreme conditions without cracking, discoloring or shorting out due to faulty connections and seals. This allows long-term viability in conditions never before possible, with excellent long-term performance that eliminates the need to replace lighting due to environmental degradation.

This product can be used for architectural highlights from the Arizona sun to chlorine pools and water features, as well as the saltwater environments of coastal regions and marinas.

The Hydrolume LED striplight offers a resistance to the elements that is essential to performance and longevity:
• UV-resistant: No degradation or discoloration in direct sunlight
• Saltwater-safe: Increased longevity in coastal and marine environments
• Chlorine-resistant: Enhanced performance in treated water
• Submersible: Waterproof, fully submersible, and weatherproof
• Impact-resistant: Durable and resilient enough to withstand light impact

Other Hydrolume features include:
• 5-year warranty
• Extended single runs of up to 81.5 feet
• Offered in custom lengths in 7.08 inch increments
• Factory-finished in our California manufacturing plant
• Available colors are 3500K warm white and 6500K cool white

“Many companies claim to offer a waterproof linear lighting solution, but Hydrolume is the only product I’ve seen on the market that is impervious to the many different harsh elements that exist in a coastal environment. This striplight is tough and in it for the long haul.” – John Hoffmann, Hoffmann Electric

Availability: Hydrolume Waterproof LED striplight is available exclusively through the Diode LED nationwide dealer network. Local dealers can be found through the dealer locator service on the Diode LED website (http://www.diodeled.com/where_to_buy/). Hydrolume is also available to commercial customers through our Business Solutions Division that offers expert project consultation, product customization, and in-stock, ready-to-ship products.

Information: For more about Hydrolume, including a compatibility list and detailed specifications call (877) 817-6028 or visit the Hydrolume product page (http://www.elementalled.com/hydrolume-24v-led-strip-light.html).

About: Elemental LED is the recognized U.S.-based leader in innovative LED solutions, and manufactures the Diode LED brand of products. Elemental LED is dedicated to helping customers understand, adopt, and benefit from LED lighting solutions, and partners with our customers to understand their needs and deliver tailored products, services, and extensive support. We make it easy. Learn more at elementalled.com.


Jim Puchbauer, Vice President of Marketing - Elemental LED
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