DuraGuard Products achieves DLC Qualification for 12 DuraLED luminaires for area lighting

April 23, 2015
DuraGuard Products, Inc. has announced the addition of twelve DuraLED LED luminaires for area lighting to the Design Lights Consortium Qualified Product List (DLC QPL). Included in the listings are their new architectural Hampton Series Area Lights and High Bays, along with several flood lights, wallpacks and a canopy/garage lighter.

“We are pleased to make this announcement about the initial listings for our new DuraLED line,” said Shannon Edens, vice president of DuraGuard. “We are continuing an aggressive program of submitting current products for DLC qualification, in addition to our on-going new product development that showcases our DuraLED LED technology.”

DLC qualification requires luminaires to undergo testing at accredited testing laboratories and the luminaires must meet specific minimum or maximum requirements for lumen output, efficacy (lumens per watt), CCT (correlated color temperature, or how warm or cold the light appears to the eye), CRI (color rendering index, a measure of how accurately colors appear under the light) and zonal lumen density (the spatial distribution of light, useful in determining glare potential). The listed products can be found on the DLC website, www.designlights.org, and also are listed on DuraGuard’s website, www.duraguard.com/dlc-listed.

DuraGuard’s DuraLED area lighting line features a robust LED array which has been custom designed to fit each fixture. It was developed to provide a unique platform for LED lighting, and is based on the principles of properly managed thermals and maximum optical performance.

DuraGuard utilizes 100% aluminum boards with copper tracings in order to maximize the heat dissipation required by LED’ in order to achieve their long lifespan of 50,000 hours or more. The DuraLED area lighting line has been designed to pass thermal testing at a minimum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F), and most will pass at 50°C (122°F). This allows the DuraLED area lighting fixtures to be used in many more locations than luminaires that meet only the minimum 25°C (77°F) ambient temperature requirement.

DuraGuard is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting and electrical products, specializing in energy-saving technologies such as LED, Induction, Electronic HID and Fluorescent. DuraGuard was founded in 1989 in Vancouver, Washington, and now has its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. It has five USA warehouse and assembly facilities located in Vancouver, Washington; Tampa, Florida; Cerritos, California; Walden, New York; and Memphis, Tennessee; and one warehouse and assembly facility in Somerset, United Kingdom.


Marge Holdsworth, Marketing Manager - DuraGuard Products, Inc.
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