Silvermere Lighting delivers AC-powered LED light bars for linear lighting applications

April 23, 2015
Silvermere is launching an exclusive line of thin, lightweight, linkable LED light bars called SKINNYLIGHTS that are available in lengths of 2-8ft & power of 7-60w, and can be connected up to 200w or 50 linear feet per AC connection, by cord or end-to-end for continuous line of light. The LED light bars are ideal for coves & corridors. This highly versatile LED product line can replace fluorescent tube fixtures in nearly any application, from under-cabinets to garages to large commercial interiors, improving appearance and reducing energy 40-60%.
The SKINNYLIGHTS LED light bars can be cable hung or surface mounted, or magnetically attached to steel ceilings, walls, rafters, cabinets and coolers for easy installation without drilling any holes. Power cords plug into the units, so replacement does not require any wiring work. The units clip into mounting brackets so replacement does not require removing any screws or bolts. Replacing units will never require an electrician. The LED light bars can be ordered with integrated on/off switches or motion sensors to further optimize energy. IP66 waterproof units are available for wet & hazardous locations.

SKINNYLIGHTS are the most versatile LED product line around, able to replace HID or T12, T10 & T8 fluorescent fixtures in nearly any application, and are available exclusively from Silvermere Lighting. Distributor pricing is available to distribution partners. Contact Silvermere for datasheets, pricing, quotes or proposals. There's never a charge for delivery.


Ryan Heglund, Director of Sales & Projects - Silvermere Lighting
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