Luxonic Hi-Max LED high-bay luminaire is available with light output options from 8000-34,000 lm

April 20, 2015
A new product to hit the industrial scene from Luxonic is the new Hi-Max® LED high-bay luminaire. The die-cast high-bay luminaire is designed for all high level open area applications, including warehouses, factories and sports halls.

The Hi-Max® LED high bay is a high-efficiency luminaire available with a range of light output options from 8,000 to 34,000 lumens and can produce up to 132 lumens per circuit watt. This, along with the automatic DALI dimming controls, ensures that the Hi-Max® LED high bay is a fully sustainable lighting solution. Special thermal management extends the life of the LEDs and the driver has an expected life of over 100,000 hours and an eight year warranty.

The Hi-Max® LED high-bay luminaire can be suspended at any height, making it especially suitable for high-level storage areas. Available as a single or twin-housed fixture, the Hi-Max can also be specified as an IP65 rated fitting, so that the luminaire is fully dust-tight and protected against water jets.

The sustainability of the Hi-Max® LED high bay is enhanced by the options available of Luxonic’s wireless network control system or individual ECODIM®, PIR and daylight sensors which can operate on luminaires mounted at a height of up to 18 metres. The LuxLink® wireless system is built into the luminaires, allowing simple installation and provides emergency self-testing, energy monitoring and daylight linking features among others. Wireless communication is achieved through transceiver modules built into the luminaire along with PIR sensors that detect occupancy to initiate the Off to Dim feature, which allows a basic level of lighting to all areas when unoccupied.

The standalone ECODIM®, PIR and daylight sensors can simply adjust the light levels depending on the level of activity or natural daylight in the space, turning or dimming the lights after a period of inactivity or when there is a sufficient amount of ambient light available.

The Hi-Max® LED high-bay luminaire has a life expectancy of up to 60,000 hours, which is enhanced by channeled convection for thermal management. The one-piece aluminum die-cast housing allows heat to flow to all areas, creating one large continuous heat sink and pulling cooler air from below to reduce the temperature of the housing. The over-heating of a fitting is often the cause for LEDs to become inefficient and their longevity to decrease. This cooling solution ensures longer life and that maintenance required for the fitting is kept to a minimum.

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