GEBright's 3-12W LED retrofit lamps feature beam angle greater than 120 degrees

April 22, 2015
GEBright now offers GEB® "Saving" G50/G65/G75/G80 and E27 3W/5W/7W/9W/12W LED retrofit lamps (VBS-15-01).

1) LED retrofit lamps' optimized design uses high thermal conductivity aluminum as a heat-dissipating material to ensure high thermal management performance.
2) GEB LED retrofit lamps use a PC cover with high light-admitting quality by which light transmittance can reach 86% with clear and soft light, high fire resistance, producing bright and uniform illumination.
3) Great power circuit solution for LED retrofit lamps with built-in power driving, high precision constant current and compact structure design based on driver IC. All accessories are supplied by electronic component manufacturers with first-line brands on the mainland and brands in Taiwan.
4) Luminous efficacy is 110 lm/W; various colors and temperature can be selected; CRI is high with excellent color rendering.
5) LED retrofit lamps achieve significant energy savings. LED power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent bulbs and 1/3 of CFLs. The lamp's service life is more than 50,000 hours which is more than 50 times longer than a traditional tungsten filament lamp.
6) Voltage range is wide, with global applicability. Full voltage range is constant current with 100V~ 240VAC, which ensures that the brightness is not affected by voltage.
* Aging testing: our products are kept stamping continuously by 12 hours with stroboscopic aging test. Only those lamps which pass the test can be classified as qualified bulbs.


Shirley, Sales Director - GEBright Optoelectronic Tech Co., Ltd
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