LED Lighting Inc. designs 'Zig-Zag' LED striplight for specialty curved applications

April 24, 2015
LED Lighting Inc., a primary resource for custom illumination solutions, introduces TZ2835-300 ("Zig-Zag") to its industry leading LED striplight series, enabling customers to achieve general illumination in curved applications with a tight circumference.

The 8MM-wide dimmable LED striplight is available in 3000K (warm white) and 6000K (cool white) at a standard luminosity. The "Zig-Zag" features a lumen output of 237.80 per foot in 3000K and 256.10 per foot in 6000K at 2.5 (12-volt) or 2.9 (24-volt) watts per foot. TZ2835-300 runs on a low-voltage lighting system with the option of 12-volt or 24-volt.

“We are committed to ensuring that our customers have the best products for their applications, which drives us to constant testing, research and continuous product development,” says LED Lighting Inc.'s CEO William (Bill) Hood.

TZ2835-30WW (3000K) is also available in 90+ CRI (color rendering index) which allows customers to distinguish slight shades of color in color-critical applications. The CRI measures the light source’s ability to show object color naturally compared to a familiar reference source, either incandescent or daylight.

Samples and production quantities are available with standard lead times.

LED Lighting Inc. continues to relentlessly expand and position itself as one of the only Custom Illumination Solution specialists in the marketplace, since 2004. As an innovator of LED lighting and technology, LED Lighting Inc. recognizes its uniqueness by providing solutions to custom applications and meeting detailed specifications. LED Lighting Inc. products are thoroughly tested and backed with strong warranties.


Samantha Raines - LED Lighting Inc.
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