Solid Apollo offers placement guidance for LED strip lights

April 3, 2015
LED strip lights are an incredible way to bring lighting to places never thought possible. The short length, low profile design and simple adhesive backing, brings a large range of possibilities where LED strip lights can be placed. But trying to find the perfect location to place the strip can be difficult. Trying to weight the different options of where to place the LED strip light for the most illumination and to avoid hot spots can be difficult to balance and achieve. Solid Apollo LED has extensive experience giving tips to make any installation as successful and as simple as possible. Here are four top tips we give to every customer.

Step One: When placing LED strip lights, understand what area needs to be lit up. Before attaching an LED strip light permanently to any surface, assemble the strip with power to see how the strip lights up then hold it where it needs to go with some temporary tape, or have a second pair of hands hold the strip up. Then stand back to see if the strip is bright enough and lights up the desired area. If the light is too bright, attach or purchase an LED dimmer or controller, to bring the level of brightness down.

Step Two: Find what position will project the light in the correct direction. While the LED strip light is placed temporarily in place, walk around the strip to see if it projects the light in the direction needed. If the strip projects in the wrong direction carefully detach it and slowly rotate it until the light shines in the correct direction, then temporarily reattach. The LED strip lights from Solid Apollo LED normally come with a 120-degree beam angle for controllable lighting. The direction of light can be controlled by changing the angle of the surface it is placed on. To reduce the beam angle Solid Apollo LED offers aluminum LED profiles to further control the light.

Solid Apollo LED offers a variety of LED light colors and brightness levels to match any project, from the brightest strips for under cabinet and workable lighting, to low wattage accent lighting. 5 separate white colors are available, from candle light warm white, similar to the color of the flame from a candle, to pure white, for the brightest white possible. Even color changing RGB LED strip lights are available to create almost any custom color. “At Solid Apollo LED, we offer as many choices as possible because each installation is unique and makes a personal statement for that customer,” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED. “We try to provide the whole solution for every project including the right accessories and full service after the sale for complete satisfaction.”

Step Three: Avoid hot spots by placing LED strip lights away from perpendicular surfaces. For example, when a strip light is placed against the back wall of an under-cabinet area, the LEDs will individually project on the surface next to the strip as the light from the LEDs does not have enough distance to overlap. To avoid this, try to place the LED strip lights at least 1 inch away from any perpendicular surface. If this cannot be avoided, use a light diffuser to create the look of a solid linear light, similar to a fluorescent tube light. Solid Apollo LED offers aluminum LED profiles and matching diffusers which can completely stop hot spots.

Step Four: Place the LED strip where you won’t see it. After carefully deciding on the area the LED lght will light up, check that the strip cannot be seen, as placing the strip in a visible area can be distracting. If the LED strip can be seen, place a small piece of molding or move the strip further inward from the area being viewed. If there are too many reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or chrome surfaces use aluminum LED profiles with diffusers for a professional finished appearance.

Use these tips to help create the perfect lighting installation. At Solid Apollo LED, we also have a range of accessories to make installation as simple as possible with snap and lite LED accessories to avoid soldering and make any installation take minutes instead of hours.

Solid Apollo strives to bring the latest premium LED lighting products to everyone at affordable prices, and backs up each of its products with a full warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. Solid Apollo manufactures and distributes a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products and solutions and offers free shipping on orders over $150, and excellent customer service and technical advice.


Solid Apollo LED
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