Espen Technology provides 12,000 LED tubes to CSU Fullerton

July 22, 2015
Fullerton, CA | Espen Technology, a leading manufacturer of LED products for the commercial markets, provided 12,000 units of its most popular LED tubes to convert academic buildings from fluorescent lamps to LED tubes. The product selected for the Phase 1 retrofit was Espen Technology’s 4 foot, 12W Retroflex HE, with 1,800 lumens, 80+CRI, 4000K CCT, and 325 degree beam angle. These ultra high efficiency LED tubes were installed from late-May to early-June. The Retroflex HE lamps made the project installation easier, because these premium LED tubes now operate on the existing instant-start fluorescent ballasts. No rewiring nor replacement of existing fixtures saved the university both time and money on the installation. “We are proud to provide our highest efficiency LED tubes to the Phase 1 project at Cal State Fullerton,” said John Clancy, VP of sales at Espen Technology. Clancy added, “This is the second largest university in the State of California, and the largest in the CSU system. This Phase 1 project proves just how much energy, installation time, maintenance, and money can be saved at major universities, by switching from fluorescent lamps to Espen Technology’s ballast-compatible, LED tubes.” Cal State Fullerton selected the 12W Retroflex HE for the Phase 1 retrofit, over the competition, because Espen Technology had the winning combination of ultra high performance, quality, and available stock in the U.S. Detailed product information and specifications for the 12W Retroflex HE can be found at: This product is available through Espen Technology distributors and is shipping from the company’s Southern California distribution center. For more information on where to purchase the product or how to become a distributor, contact John Clancy, VP of sales at [email protected]. About Espen Technology Espen Technology Inc. is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality, high performance energy efficient lighting components, including LED and fluorescent. With operations and facilities across the world, Espen Technology offers competitive products with the highest quality. Headquartered in Southern California, Espen Technology is able to offer personalized sales, expert technical support, and efficient logistics to all of its customers. LED and fluorescent products are designed and perfected with pride in the United States.


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