Solid Apollo LED puck lights bring energy savings in compact, low-profile design

July 7, 2015
Solid Apollo LED introduces a new line of incredibly powerful LED puck lights which install easily on almost any flat surface. The new brighter, more compact and low-profile design is UL listed and fully dimmable for easy controllable lighting. The LED puck light can quickly be installed using the center mounting screw and comes with a barrel connector for simple no hassle wiring connections. Solid Apollo’s LED puck lights are perfect for bringing bright useable lighting to under cabinets, in closets, pantries and more.

Currently, puck lights using traditional incandescent lighting are just too large and cumbersome, and usually require extensive installation to correctly work, with drilling required for routing the wires, and recessing to correctly fit the puck lights. Most offerings also include very few features and rely on the do-it-yourselfer or electrician to figure out where the wiring goes and how to splice multiple puck lights together without creating a jumbled mess of wiring. Even current LED puck lights on the market are designed with large metal bodies, focusing little attention to bringing as much light as possible from their supposedly compact designs.

Solid Apollo has solved these issues by creating a user friendly design easy to mount while bringing the most light from an incredibly low-profile shape of just 5/16” tall. “Each super energy efficient design includes 42 powerful and dimmable LEDs which use just 3W of power making for an incredibly compact and precise spot light,” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED. Each LED puck light has a large light projection area with a lens specifically created using anti-glare technology, ensuring the light is controlled and will not throw excess lighting where it’s not needed. This ensures that when the LED puck light is installed at eye level, no unwanted glare will blind anyone trying to use the lighting below the puck light.

Solid Apollo’s LED puck lights are easy to install and require no drilling for wires or difficult recessing to try and fit the light. A built in mounting hole is provided in the center of the LED light for screw installation and the flat back surface of the puck light could even be used with strong double sided tape for an even faster installation.

Each LED puck light is fully UL rated guaranteeing the lights will be just as bright and reliable throughout the entire lifetime of the puck light. The UL Rating ensures the lights are also safe to use in the home or office, and as LEDs are used, the surface is always cool to the touch compared to traditional puck lights using incandescent lights which become too hot to touch.

The LED puck lights from Solid Apollo are perfect for bringing bright controlled lighting to almost any location as the low profile design fits in places traditional lighting could never go. Use LED puck lights for under cabinet lighting, inside the cabinet, in the ceiling of any closet, or on each shelf of the pantry for quick plug in lighting. The LED puck lights are also perfect in the wine cellar for the tasting area, as the bright and dimmable lighting is perfect for highlighting a specific area. LED puck lights are even great for task lighting in the hobby room or garage for bright easy to work under lighting.

Solid Apollo’s LED puck lights are available in two colors and two finishes ready to complement a variety of LED lighting projects. The LED puck lights are available in Warm White, 3100 Kelvin, or Daylight White, 4200 Kelvin. The LED puck lights also come in two finish colors, either White or with a Brushed Nickel Finish and can be chosen with each light color.

Each Solid Apollo LED puck light includes 40 inches of cable for convenient mounting, and a male barrel connector for simple plug and go convenience. The LED puck lights are also available in money saving kits, which include 4 LED puck lights available in each color and surface finish, and include every part needed from plug to light. The kits include a simple plug in distribution block, a power supply and convenient low-profile dimmer switch for simple on/off operation and full dimming control.

The LED puck lights from Solid Apollo bring bright controllable spot lighting to any location with simple and fast installation. Solid Apollo also offers a range of accessories for the LED puck lights, from dimmers, for easy brightness selection, to motion sensors, which are easy to mount and perfect when hands are full or it’s too dark to find the switch at night.

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