TLight launches Apple-certified LED desk lights with charging and sound-playing capability

July 22, 2015
Hong Kong – TLight Ltd. launches the tLight S3 and S3x LED desk lights with powerful true-color light output and charging dock for recharging all iPhone and iPods with Lightning connectors. With the additional USB port the tLight LED lights can also recharge other tablets and most smartphones.

The new tLights feature the very latest LED technology with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 90, which is close to the perfect light – sunlight with a CRI of 100. This means great color authenticity and a stable and bright light, providing a great reading experience without getting tired eyes. Both tLight LED desk light models feature dimmers to perfectly adjust light output (20-100%) to a maximum of 600 lumens (7W) for the S3x and 700 (10W) lumens for the S3.

The high-end tLight S3 LED desk light additionally features a remote control, Bluetooth 4.0 and 2 integrated 5W speakers powered by Apple’s V2.0C authentication co-processor chip and a high-quality ST processor for a crystal clear sound experience. An iPhone or iPod can directly play music when plugged into the Lightning dock or via Bluetooth. Other devices such as iPad, MacBook or other notebooks and tablets can also connect via Bluetooth to the tLight to play music. The S3 also has integrated Audio In/Out ports to connect the S3 to other Audio systems.

The tLights’ design and high-grade aluminum finish perfectly matches the high quality and design of Apple’s iPhone and iPod. The powerful true-color light output, smartphone and tablet charging function and crisp sound output (S3) make the tLight the ideal companion on any desk at home, office or in hotels.

The tLights are priced at $139 for the S3x and $199 for the S3.


Dennis Shia - TLight Ltd.

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