TAV Airports company taps Vestel for indoor and outdoor LED light fixtures

July 1, 2015
A world-leading brand in the global airport operations sector, TAV Airports have achieved phenomenal success, becoming synonymous with safer, faster and more comfortable travel. Renowned for its sustainable enterprise, leading Turkish brand TAV has powered the way forward, enhancing the travel experience in a total of 14 airports across 7 different countries. Its insatiable drive for efficiency continues to fuel the brand’s growth, enabling it to future-proof its business as well as deliver award-winning airport operations.

The Lighting Solution
To remain at the forefront of its industry, TAV has implemented an alternative lighting solution for 3 world-renowned airports, relying upon Vestel, a powerhouse of LED technology, for its indoor and outdoor LED light fixtures.

As one of the top LED TV manufacturers in the world, Vestel has accumulated years’ worth of LED knowledge and experience, building up an expansive and dynamic range of highly efficient indoor and outdoor LED light fixtures. Selected for its renowned LED expertise, Vestel was entrusted to create a bespoke lighting solution that could enhance efficiency as well as contribute to the design and development of several airports.

The Project
With the help of Vestel, TAV went on to maximize the efficiency of Istanbul Ataturk, the fourth busiest airport in the world. Vestel equipped the international terminal with 6000 8” LED downlights, installing a style of lighting that could immediately add value to the airport itself.

Maximizing its overall efficiency as a business, TAV also decided to install Vestel downlights in the domestic terminals of Ankara Esenboga and in Izmir Adnan Menderes.

Within just 7 months, TAV achieved an impressive return on its overall investment.

The Success
Of the project, TAV comments, “Sustainability is a key strategic approach and a basis for all our operations. When we searched for an efficient and durable lighting solution for our flagship airports in Turkey, Vestel provided just the right answer. With immediate cost-savings and a reduced carbon-footprint, this project benefited us, passengers and the environment at once.”

Key to the project’s on-going success has been the durability and longevity of the LED light fixtures.

Vestel Head of UK Lighting, Vic Harasimow explains, “With this project, Vestel, as always, wanted to make a long-term contribution to the business’s sustainability. For a project such as this, where continuous light is required, longer lasting lighting can make all the difference. It not only minimizes the cost of operation, but also the disruption that would otherwise ensue if the lamps had to be more regularly replaced.”

Harasimow adds, ”Glass-free LED downlights were the ideal fit here, offering a much more robust form of lighting than fluorescent or incandescent luminaires. Extremely durable, they are designed to withstand the kind of ambient sound and vibration that occurs in airports.”

Vital to the long-term success of all 3 airports, the Vestel LED light fixtures will provide a consistent and exceptional standard of lighting throughout the entire duration of their life. Thanks to their mercury-free make-up, they will also help to minimize long-term labour costs, ensuring a safe and hassle-free disposal process when they are eventually replaced.

Marketing Impact
With this lighting project, TAV has also maximized its marketing impact, actively enhancing the look and feel of its airport environments. TAV has been able to achieve exactly the right lighting conditions in all 3 airport terminals, using Vestel LED downlights to provide a softer and more even source of light. The new LED light fixtures transformed the terminals, helping to create a more welcoming and inviting travel-friendly ambience. Virtually UV-free, the LEDs have also provided a safer lighting alternative for the busy terminals.

An All-encompassing Lighting Solution
Committed to creating a more complete eco lighting solution, TAV has replaced 1,100 floodlights with Vestel LED equivalents in Istanbul Ataturk airport. Much more cost-effective, they are offering instant energy savings of up to 90%. Providing an excellent light output as well as very good colour rendering, they are also ensuring long-term functionality, coming with a lamp life of up to 50,000 hours.

TAV has also opted to install Vestel street lighting in the Izmir Adnan Menderes carpark, enabling the company to save a further 80% on energy. Designed for easy installation, the Vestel street fixtures offer shadow-free lighting, helping to create a more secure carpark environment. With a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, they are providing a dependable source of light, enabling all travellers to enjoy complete peace of mind when they park their vehicles.

Of the entire Vestel lighting project, TAV summarises, “With Vestel, we were able to create a customized lighting solution that suited our specific requirements. It not only enabled us to achieve greater efficiency, but also, importantly, a better travel experience for all our airport passengers”.

Harasimow asserts: “Our success lies in the fact that we can tailor our products to meet the unique requirements of each and every customer. No two businesses are alike, which is why it is important for us to offer a variety of housing colours as well as a wider range of mounting sizes, Wattage strengths and colour temperature options. We also always ensure that we can provide extra functionality, such as dimming control capability.

We can be even more versatile when it comes to our street lighting. Offering a range of different optics, Vestel can provide the optimum power consumption and brightness levels required as well as the preferred light output characteristics. Capable of being regulated by time and seasonality, our street lights are compatible with numerous smart control devices, enabling them to be periodically programmed from any remote location.”

He concludes, “For us, creating the right lighting solution is about giving our customers the power to choose what will work best for their business.”