Spark Optoelectronics wins bid for Shenzhen LED transit lighting project

July 24, 2015
Recently, Spark Optoelectronics won a project bid to provide comprehensive LED transit lighting products for the third phase of Shenzhen's Metro Line 7 railway stations. The project win hinged on Spark's excellent R&D technological advantage and 15 years’ rich experience in providing LED lighting, and marks the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between Spark Optoelectronics and the Shenzhen Metro organization.

Shenzhen Metro Line 7 is one of the major transit projects in Shenzhen for 2015, and connects main residential areas and employment areas in Shenzhen's southern half ring. Therefore, the Shenzhen municipal government put forward a product strategy, and requested Line 7 construction must be planned scientifically and designed elaborately to provide a Shenzhen or even national metro construction product demonstration according to advanced global standards. So Line 7's energy-saving LED transit lighting engineering tender was put forward with more professional and strict requirements from enterprise certificate, to product R&D, solution design, after-sales service and other fields -- for example, waterproof and dustproof grades for the LED transit lighting products were upgraded to the outdoor IP45 standard rather than the indoor IP20 standard.

Spark Optoelectronics, as a global leader of LED lighting solutions, adheres to an enterprise core competitive mission of "quality culture, technology innovation, service first," and continuously invests resources in the field of LED lighting research and development, building a Shenzhen solar semiconductor lighting technology research laboratory, solar lighting engineering technology research center in Guangdong province, and a nationally recognized (CNAS) photoelectric laboratory, which provide all-around scientific research service and technical support for LED lighting. The company also undertakes a number of national torch plans and key technology and research projects for LED lighting; it has a R&D team led by doctoral, master, and senior level lighting engineers. It launches technological R&D and applications in LED roadway lighting, industrial lighting, specialty lighting, tunnel lighting, indoor lighting, energy management, and other fields. Spark Optoelectronics has developed long-term cooperation with key school enterprises such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, South China Normal University, and Guangdong University of Technology in the field of LED lighting technology, which has ensured that there is industry forward-looking and leading technology in LED lighting markets from Spark Optoelectronics.

According to the needs of this high-quality LED transit lighting project fpr Line 7, Spark Optoelectronics received a rapid response within just five months, concentrating on the company's key strengths in research and development, technology and production to organize a project working team, according to different sites, parking places and other different light environment requirements for different sites, to engineer the LED lighting products with regard to glare, stroboscope, photosynthetic efficiency, intensity uniformity, harmonic wave and other difficult technical challenges. The company has developed panel lights, downlights and all kinds of customized models of atypia lights, line lights, street lights and canopy cover lights, including 6 categories and 19 products in total, all making it through the national authoritative organization inspection and winning 3C certificates. High standards, high efficiency, high quality lighting solutions from Spark Optoelectronics won the praise of industry competitors; high CRI and high quality light builds comfortable travel conditions, which received an excellent evaluation from Shenzhen Metro.

After several rounds of strict selection, in competition with numerous well-known brand domestic and international manufacturers, the LED transit lighting products from Spark Optoelectronic received the consistent permission from over 30 experts, so at last Spark Optoelectronics won the project bid.

Spark Optoelectronics will fully and deeply develop and make more aggressive moves in the future based on this opportunity to make a contribution to Shenzhen rail transit, the national rail transit and international rail transit construction, and provide a safe and comfortable lighting environment for citizens’ travel.


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