Landscape Lighting Software includes Dauer LED light fixtures

July 24, 2015
Landscape Lighting Software is a great lighting effects tool designed for contractors selling and installing lighting fixtures. Our newest brand of lighting fixtures that we have included in our landscape lighting software is Dauer LED. Dauer is a U.S.-based manufacturer of highly efficient and durable LED lamps, fixtures and electronics. For more on Dauer Lighting Fixtures, please visit

Our software and lighting effects makes it easy to design night lighting. Take a picture of the client's house, landscape and hardscape during the day. Open the image in "Landscape Lighting Software" place the Dauer fixture on the image as if they were installed. Open "Landscape Lighting Effects" choose a shade of darkness, and add the lighting effects.

"Dauer is pleased that landscape lighting professionals now have access to a very creative tool, Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects, that features our durable fixtures," said Dauer Manufacturing president Craig Komparens. "The top designers are the ones who understand that landscape lighting is a science as well as an art. They want the latest and greatest LED technologies, and they want the latest and greatest design technologies."

"Wow" - Using Landscape Lighting Software allows Dauer contractors to show clients, rather than just trying to tell them about night lighting.

The presentation value of an actual photograph depicting where you will place the Dauer fixture and show its effect is tremendous.

It is a surefire way to close the deal sooner for Dauer Dealers.


Michele Donnelly, Owner/Developer/President - Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects