Cireon unveils new LED luminaires for car parks

July 27, 2015
Alpine Series LED Luminaires Feature Industry-Best 200,000 Hours Of Illumination & A 10-Year Warranty

(Los Angeles, CA) – Jim Dilbeck, general manager has announced Cireon’s new line of Alpine LED parking garage fixtures, the industry's longest lasting high performance solid-state luminaires. These scalable LED luminaires can be used to retrofit any size car park structure and have been TM21-calculated to last from 200,000 to over 400,000 hours and feature the industry’s best warranty at 10 years. The Alpine Series is the only LED lighting system that has been designed specifically for parking structures that features both of these attributes.

“The units provide beautifully uniform light while maintaining unmatched lifetime output when compared to industry competition,” said Dilbeck. “We feel the Alpine Series is the gold standard for parking structure lighting, and we have the third-party testing to support that claim.”

The Alpine delivers substantial energy savings over traditional metal halide fixtures while beginning to pay for itself immediately upon installation. With these new LED luminaires, Cireon can provide integrated occupancy control and work with nearly any control system available to maximize the savings potential. “When coupled with occupancy or advanced controls, total savings can be over 85% annually when compared to traditional metal halide lighting,” said Dilbeck, “and the proprietary optics used at Cireon provide a low glare option that is required in this space.”

The following data demonstrates the superiority and cost-effectiveness of the Alpine line of products. Consumers need to consider total cost of ownership when they look at changing to a solid-state lighting system. The savings are more than just the energy cost. Cireon systems drastically lower the maintenance costs associated with traditional lighting systems as well as reduce energy consumption.

In addition to its other features, the Alpine optics were designed specifically to reduce glare and maximize the uniformity of light in parking structures. Cireon engineers worked along side a team of imagery experts who previously been called on to handle DoD and CIA surveillance projects to perfect this particular aspect of the LED luminaire. The Alpine Series also features the largest-in-class LED spacing and heat sink design (15.1 in.2 of convective surface per LED) and has options for occupancy monitoring, dimming, daylight harvesting and other system controls.

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