Nora Lighting helps Pretty Please boutiques change their look with LED retail lighting

July 13, 2015
Pretty Please, a chain of fashion boutiques featuring sassy feminine wear, has embarked on a multi-store conversion of its track lighting systems to LED retail lighting fixtures. Along with projected energy and maintenance savings, the new LED track heads are adding more sparkle and splash to the wall and rack displays of chic clothing and accessory items in the trendy shops.

Ten years ago when Pretty Please first opened its Arizona and California locations, LED retail lighting was too new and too pricey to install when compared to MR16 halogens. Today the long-term costs of the halogens have outweighed their advantages – and the boutiques are switching them out for Nora Lighting Versa Track fixtures with LED lamps.

The new Versa Series features MR16 low voltage track heads with electronic dimmable drivers/transformers that are compatible with LED MR16s.

“One of the biggest concerns at Pretty Please was heat,” says Steve Van Der Linden of Van Der Linden Electric in Carlsbad, CA, which is overseeing the conversions.

“There was too much load on the track and couplers were frequently burning out, creating endless maintenance issues. Now with less current flowing, the LEDs have lowered the load. There’s no more burn-out or lamp failures and less ambient heat. Energy and cost savings are evident, along with lower maintenance at each location. The LEDs have made a major difference,” he said.

Pretty Please store managers also find the LED retail lighting has improved comfort levels throughout the goodie-packed boutiques. In-store temperatures have been lowered and air conditioners do not need to be run as frequently, trimming the electric bill.

Edward Newell of RTM Lighting and Electronics in Vista, CA, is overseeing the design and specification of the LED conversions, and selected Nora Lighting NTLE-207 track heads.

Newell was seeking fixtures that offered a wide range of adjustability through both the horizontal and vertical planes and which had an aesthetic quality that would work in the retail environment without taking away from the actual displays.

“Along with the energy savings, up to 80 percent, and lower maintenance, the new fixtures offer a higher CRI (color rendition index). With higher CRI, the LEDs display the actual colors of the merchandise, which improves the shopping experience.

“They are also completely adjustable, ideal for changing retail displays. The integral driver/transformer is rated for 0 to 60 watt loads. The zero low-end allowance is critical to the long life performance of the LED lamps – and the dimmable feature allows the lights to the lowered when the stores are closed, further saving energy and costs.

“Management has been very pleased and we are planning additional site conversions,” he said.

Pretty Please has five locations throughout San Diego, CA (Carlsbad, Carmel Mountain, Coronado, Del Mar Highlands, Hillcrest), and four in Arizona (Glendale, Phoenix and Scottsdale).

The Nora Lighting Versa Track Series features four models: Gimbal Ring, Cylinder, Roundback and Wire Back, and it is offered in black, bronze, natural metal and white.


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