Oct. 5, 2015
Fara Vela model "O" - features an L.E.D. light that's optimized for video. with the right color temperature it records high-quality images. Model "O" - is integrated with an IP based camera - that provides continuous 360-degree recording - for an unrestricted fielded view. with fewer cameras there's never a concern over - whether to pan, tilt, or zoom;

This purpose-built platform; transforms passive lighting into- a smart-lighting platform; that takes actions on its own. These actions can be any combination of lighting-events, sounds, pre-recorded and dispatched emails to essential personnel, or other communications means to deter , and alert you of a security event. Remote or analytically triggered; lighting control allows lights- to be used as a real-time deterrent; by flashing or alternating brightness - when motion is detected.

The camera is totally discreet, and pointed in the right direction. enhanced nighttime color-rendering delivers high-quality images with smooth even-color shading; so security personnel can identify subjects more accurately.

It is ideal for use in: residential areas, scrapyards, warehouses, schools, parkinglots, campuses, publictransitsystems, walkways; or to protect critical infrastructure, and government-agencies, or any area - where outdoor monitoring, and security is a must.

Fara Vela Model O; can replace multi-function systems, or be integrated into existing ones; extending the eyes, and the ears of security personnel; while increasing the value of current surveillance-investments.


Sales Team