Syhdee releases glass LED tube for residential and commercial lighting

Oct. 5, 2015
Syhdee has recently released its new generation glass LED tube, which is designed to be accepted into the European and North American markets. This new generation LED tube is targeted at residential and commercial lighting retrofits.

Glass LED tube structure:
Adopting glass as the body material, this new generation LED tube light is manufactured to high safety standards. “Safety security and Eco fit” is the theme of the new generation of Syhdee LED tube lights. As new material has been applied in LED lamps this year, manufacturers are looking for new green materials. The conventional fluorescent tube adopts glass as the body material, which is good for security. Now LED tube lights can use glass just like existing lamps. On the one hand, the glass LED tube can help output uniform light; on the other hand, the glass material is much safer in application.

Glass LED tube performance:
Optically, the glass LED tube light uses an innovative LED chip package to ensure high brightness and luminous performance. In order to ensure light uniformity, engineers adopt white oil painting inside the glass tube to achieve perfect light transmittance and output. Plus, plastic is positioned at the tube bottom to contain the PCB and avoid deformation. The highest efficacy is up to 135 lm/W.

Electrically, the first generation glass tube is designed with two LED driver schemes - regular non-isolated driver plus compatible driver. Built with protection circuitry and heat-shrinkable tubing, the glass tube driver is resistant to 4000V hi-pot test and 1K surge test, strictly following IEC and EMC requirements. Currently, this tube driver scheme is under UL FCC examination and audit.

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