Independence LED T8 tubes help Applebee's cut energy costs

Oct. 28, 2015
Project: Applebee’s
Highlights: Pilot in the chain with Independence LED T8 tubes
Address: 2 West Rd, Newtown, PA 18940
Lighting consumes a significant amount of electricity for family dining restaurants. This Applebee’s had 2’x4’ troffer fixtures with four 32 watt T8 fluorescent tubes in each, totaling 128 watts per fixture. At an average of 14.14 hours of operation per day totaling 5,161h/year, the fixtures each use 660.6 kWh per year. At an electricity rate of $.103/kWh the lighting cost was $68 per fixture per year.

Independence LED provided a 60 watt LED retrofit kit solution that saves 68 watts per fixture for over 53% savings. The neutral white 4000K light also creates an appealing look for the support areas. The external driver and aircraft grade deep fin aluminum heat sinks on the linear modules of the LED retrofit kits provide the robust thermal management to ensure color consistency and longevity.


By reducing the fixture wattage from 128 to 60, the annual savings is 351 kWh and $36.15 per fixture. Over the 60,000 hour 11.62 year life of the LED T8 tubes at 14.14h/day the lifetime energy savings is $420. With historical 3% average annual increases in energy cost and reduced bulb replacement and maintenance labor, the savings is over $607 per fixture. This project set the family dining efficiency benchmark in 2010.


Independence LED Lighting