Sedna's 5-minute-installation LED troffer for upgrades aimed at health and public sector

Oct. 21, 2015
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” (Leonardo da Vinci)

Sedna® presents a unique innovative luminaire: retrofit LED troffer kit, ideally suited to locations with 24-hour operations, such as hospitals, clinics and other public sector spaces due to 5-minute installation meaning significant savings on installation/labour costs & time.

The new economical LED troffer kit upgrade is now available for purchase both in the UK and internationally via all major electrical distributors. The kit, consisting of a modular design utilising a series of OMNI® LED light engines, is specifically aimed at the health care & education sector, to make an upgrade to LED lighting fast, efficient and economical.

Over five hundred years ago, Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest creative minds ever, immensely talented as an engineer, scientist and inventor said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. He could not be more right. The modern world and economic circumstances are demanding that issues need to be resolved with a simple solution, at a minimal cost and in a short space of time.

Busy 24/7 operations, such as hospitals, clinics and public spaces, have little time for maintenance and are facing ever reducing budgets. With the unique luminaire retrofit kit, lighting can be upgraded in just five minutes. Made in Britain, this unique LED light module allows the upgrade whole floors, wards and even complete premises to energy efficient luminaires in a very short space of time, leading to large savings on installation and labour costs.

A further benefit is the modular design, which makes the kit suitable for all applications, from corridors to task intensive areas such as surgeries. Furthermore, as the fitting does not require access above the ceiling void/space, there is no need to worry about any hazardous substances & settled dust that may be present, therefore locations with asbestos ceilings or structural limitations can now benefit from this economical LED based solution.

According to Nathan Edwards of the Sedna Technical Sales division: “We specialise in innovative lighting solutions such as our replaceable OMNI® light engines. We highlighted the issue of too many throw-away luminaires when we launched our OMNI® light engines for retrofit installation and long-term serviceability in October of last year. The response was phenomenal and working with contractors and installers, we identified an opportunity for improvement . This led to us developing the complete LED retrofit troffer plate for a complete install in under 5-minutes, with the magnetic and modular design of the kit.”

Industry leading innovative design received credible recognition from Electrical Times as simple, economic and efficient LED upgrade. The LED troffer was short-listed as a finalist in forthcoming Electrical Industry Awards 2015.

Without a doubt, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Sedna’s® retrofit LED troffer kit most certainly fits the brief well.


Mariya Fuijkschot, Marketing Executive - Sedna Lighting