Fern-Howard make awards shortlist with EdgeLED outdoor LED luminaire

Oct. 23, 2015
Fern-Howard have continued their impressive award winning run with three new nominations for their EdgeLED™ A1 outdoor LED luminaire in The Electrical Industry Awards - Innovative Lighting Product of the Year, FX Design Awards - Lighting Product of the Year and Energy Awards – Energy Efficient Product of the Year Lighting.

Specifically designed for areas where light pollution may be an issue but a pleasant and safe environment is essential, the EdgeLED™ A1 outdoor LED luminaire creates a long, slim light pattern - no light spills onto opposite buildings and none is lost into the sky, making it perfect for external walkways, landing areas and corridors.

Robust yet elegant, this wall mounted luminaire is designed around Ray Angle Control technology - light exits the luminaire so precisely that only a tightly defined area is lit, reducing energy consumption and minimising light spillage.

Fern-Howard’s EdgeLED™ range is both designed and manufactured in the UK at their Hampshire headquarters, and that as Elke Hahmann says, gives these awards special importance.

“I think the faith we placed in EdgeLED™ technology and our own manufacturing ability has more than paid off – and that can be seen by the number of times our products have been shortlisted for major awards.”


Elke Hahmann, Marketing Manager - Fern-Howard Ltd.